Kaback Talent Academy – Making Dreams Come True!

The other day a young hopeful, new to the industry, approached me, eager to know the secrets of getting a big break. Her enthusiasm was contagious, as we spoke on how to make lasting connections, hard work, and perfecting your craft, in order to make it in this biz.

As we were wrapping up our conversation, she asked something that stuck with me long after she was gone. She said,  “Alycia, what made you decide to get into this business, anyway?” After a long pause, contemplating the upcoming reality and scripted shows, the 500 bookings in one year, the emergence into high fashion with Colby models, the radio show, the Women’s Empowerment Summit, the talent academy, and all the events and connections we’ve made in the past five years, I was jolted back to the beginning. The montage that played in my mind of the past years was incredible, but reminded me of a very distinct truth, my truth. My “why.” Why I got into this crazy business to begin with. It was simple. I wanted to help people.

“Help as many people make their dreams come true, and somehow, in all that, your dreams will come true.” –Alycia Kaback

As this delightful young lady left my office, I was left thinking about the question she asked. I pondered over all the projects we currently have going. I’ve been so caught up in the everyday, progress, progression, and moving forward. I knew I was definitely helping people. Working hard for each and every talent that comes through my doors. Working to keep all the businesses going, to create a place for our employees to come to work, and earn during these difficult economic times. But I felt I could be doing more, helping more, reaching more people. More people like this young lady, who needs the connections and mentorship I could provide

I had an epiphany that day. I decided I want to support as many young, enthusiastic hopefuls as possible, and through that, the business will grow.

So with that being said, after much consideration, and deep thought, I’ve decided to end the The “IT” Factor radio series on WNJC 1360 Philadelphia.

The “IT” Factor brand was designed to give young men and women the ‘industry camaraderie’ they want, combined with the mentorship they need. We brought hot, young, celebrity guests and covered issues ranging from beauty and fashion to the “IT” topics of the moment. The show gave unfiltered advice as well as cultivated an open discussion on socially important matters.

I realized with the show we reached about 300,000 listeners weekly. However with the Kaback Talent Academy, we’re able to fuse together the a lot of the same content plus more in order to help tens of millions of people worldwide.

With the radio show we were able to speak to a new generation of individuals, in an extremely relevant manner. We plan on maintaining that distinct “voice,” in a way that carries further, and reaches wider, and well…helps more people.

The show served it’s purpose and brought you the experience of various talent in the biz, their story’s, trials and triumphs. But now it’s time to focus on you! Let’s take the focus of off those who’ve already had theirs, and let’s create yours!

To sign-up for modeling, acting and or music please visit The It Factor Productions at http://www.theitfactorproductions.com

Alycia Kaback Tips: Thinking about Getting Into Modeling? What you need to know to avoid a scam!

Kaback Talent AcademyThere are plenty of legitimate ways to get into acting and modeling, and Alycia Kaback has made it her mission to educate aspiring actors and models about staying smart as they pursue their careers. Before you jump into the first opportunity that presents itself, you need to do your research and make sure you know what you are getting into. 

Alycia Kaback Warns About the Danger of Researching Online 

Although most people turn to the Internet to learn about potential opportunities in modeling and acting, it is very easy to spread false information online. Therefore, when you are doing research, it is important to consider the reliability of the information you find. Do you know who posted it? Do you know that this person or organization is trustworthy? 

Many people make false accusations online, and it is your job to filter the information you read to determine what is actually true. Look for information on major websites that was published by the website’s team, not random people who visit the site. 

The “IT” Factor Philadelphia as a Reliable Source 

One of the best ways to learn about the industry from an expert is to listen to Alycia Kaback’s radio show The “IT” Factor. If you’re in Philadelphia, you can listen every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on 1360 AM, or if you’re somewhere else, it’s available online at VOCNation.com. On this show, Alicia Kaback provides reliable information about the modeling and acting industry. Her guests tell true stories about their experiences, giving you some ideas about what it’s actually like getting into modeling or acting. 

Identifying a Scam 

Many modeling agencies will take any aspiring model who is willing to pay several up-front fees to get started. But we all have heard the stories about those fees seemingly evaporating into thin air. Therefore, it’s important to be able to identify a scam before you put your money into it.

Another thing you should always do is be cautious about putting your money forward. For example, you should never give a photographer money for a photo shoot until you have seen their work and spoken to the photographer or someone who works with them.

Modeling and acting are part of a tough world, but Kaback Talent Academy wants you to be able to navigate it wisely. Use your head and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. A legitimate agency will be transparent and answer all of your questions before you pay even a penny.

To sign-up for modeling, acting and or music please visit The It Factor Productions at http://www.theitfactorproductions.com